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Sarah Dunn

Sarah Dunn

Electron Microscopist

Biophotonics Core

As an Electron Microscopist in the Biophotonics Core Facility at the Salk Institute, Sarah Dunn’s primary responsibility is the preparation of fixed cell and tissue samples for imaging using transmission and scanning electron microscopy methods. Sarah is a Chemist by doctoral training. In her Ph.D. she focused on the study of fungal and plant viruses in the laboratory of Tim Baker at UC San Diego. Her work involved the use of cryo-TEM to acquire electron density maps of viral particles that she then subsequently processed and performed structure determinations on. She has a great deal of experience in sample preparation techniques such as plunge freezing for the cryological preservation of biological samples such as viruses and macromolecular complexes.


  • B.S. in Chemistry, Saint Mary’s College; Notre Dame, IN, USA
  • M.S. in Chemistry, University of California, San Diego, CA, USA
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of California, San Diego, CA, USA

Selected Publications

  • Dunn, S.E., Takeshita, K., Ghabrial, S.A., Moriyama, H., and Baker, T.S. (2013) Cryo-reconstruction of Alternaria alternata virus-1. Currently in preparation to be submitted.
  • Ghabrial, S.A., Dunn, S.E., Li, H., Xie, J., and Baker, T.S. (2013) Chapter 11 - Viruses of Helminthosporium (Cochlioblus) victoriae. In Ghabrial. S. A. (Ed) Advances in Virus Research. Vol 86. pp. 289-325. Elselvier
  • Dunn, S.E., Hua, L., Ghabrial, S.A., and Baker, T.S. (2013) Cryo-reconstruction of Helminthosporium victoriae virus 190S. PLos Pathogens. 9(3)
  • Suhanovsky, M.M., Parent, K.N., Dunn, S.E., Baker, T.S., and Teschke, C.M. (2010) Determinants of bacteriophage P22 polyhead formation: the role of coat protein flexibility in conformational switching. Mol. Micro. 77(6) 1568-1582.


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