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Matthew Joens

Matthew Joens

Electron Microscopy Specialist
Biophotonics Core

As an Electron Microscopy Specialist in the Biophotonics Core Facility at the Salk Institute, Matthew Joens primary responsibility is the preparation of fixed cell and tissue samples for imaging using transmission and scanning electron microscopy methods. He is also responsible for the advanced training of new users in cutting-edge EM imaging techniques. Matthew is an analytical chemist by undergraduate training. During his undergraduate degree at the University of California, San Diego, Matthew worked as an intern in two cutting-edge electron microscopy labs. The first of these internships was with Dr. Timothy Baker, who is one of the founding fathers of cryo-electron microscopy, and his work involved the 3D reconstruction of viral particles after electron microscopy analysis. Following this, he also undertook a one-year internship with the National Center for Microscopy Imaging Research (NCMIR), a NIH funded lab headed by Dr. Mark Ellisman. Matthew has had extensive training in sample preparation and ultramicrotomy as well as immunolabeling and cyromethods.


  • B.S. in Analytical Chemistry, UC San Diego, CA, USA

Selected Publications

  • H. Contreras, M.S. Joens, L.M. McMath, V.P. Le, M.V. Tullius, J.M. Kimmey, N. Bionghi, M.A. Horwitz, J.A.J. Fitzpatrick and C.W. Goulding. 2014. Characterization of a Mycobacterium tuberculosis nanocompartment and its potential cargo proteins. Journal of Biological Chemistry, May 22 pii: jbc.M114.570119.
  • M.S. Joens, C. Huynh, J.M. Kasuboski, D. Ferranti, Y.J. Sigal, F. Zeitvogel, M. Obst, C.J. Burkhardt, K.P. Curran, S.H. Chalasani, L.A. Stern, B. Goetze and J.A.J. Fitzpatrick. 2013. Helium Ion Microscopy (HIM) for the imaging of biological samples at sub-nanometer resolution. Scientific Reports, 3, 3514.
  • Y.H. Chien, M.E. Werner, J. Stubbs, M.S. Joens, J. Li, S. Chien, J.A.J. Fitzpatrick, B.J. Mitchell and C. Kintner. 2013. Bbof1 is required to maintain cilia orientation. Development. Aug;140(16):3468-77.
  • J.M. Kasuboski, Y.J. Sigal, M.S. Joens, B.F. Lillemeier and J.A.J. Fitzpatrick. 2012. Invited Chapter on "Super-Resolution Microscopy: a comparative treatment" Current Protocols in Cytometry. Oct; Chapter 2: Unit 2.17.
  • M. Hatori, C. Vollmers, A. Zarrinpar, L. Ditacchio, E.A. Bushong, S. Gill, M. Leblanc, A. Chaix, M.S. Joens, J.A.J. Fitzpatrick, M.H. Ellisman and S. Panda. 2012. Time-restricted feeding without reducing caloric intake prevents metabolic diseases in mice fed a high-fat diet. Cell Metabolism. Jun 6; 15(6):848-60.


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