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Yury Sigal

Light Microscopy Specialist
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As a Light Microscopy Specialist in the Biophotonics Core Facility at the Salk Institute, Yury Sigal's primary responsibility is the training of new users in cutting-edge microscopy and imaging techniques. Yury is a Cell Biologist by doctoral training. In his Ph.D. he focused on the role lipid phosphatases played in LPA signaling and in the regulation of cellular filopodia. After completing his doctoral studies he moved to the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF) in San Diego where he worked in the Bio-Imaging Core Facility. There his research was directed at using live cell and high-throughput imaging technologies to study the role of RNA that are associated with the regulation of mitotic processes. This involved developing a novel fluorescence assay based around GFP complementation to study the dynamics of cellular RNA.


  • B.S. in Biochemistry, State University of New York at Stony Brook, NY, USA
  • Ph.D. in Cell Biology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, USA
  • GNF Postdoctoral Fellow, Novartis Research Foundation, CA, USA

Awards and Honors

  • Best Graduate In-House Departmental Seminar Award. UNC-Chapel Hill (2005)
  • American Heart Predoctoral Fellowship. UNC-Chapel Hill (2003-2006)

Selected Publications

  • M.S. Joens, C. Huynh, J.M. Kasuboski, D. Ferranti, Y.J. Sigal, F. Zeitvogel, M. Obst, C.J. Burkhardt, K.P. Curran, S.H. Chalasani, L.A. Stern, B. Goetze and J.A.J. Fitzpatrick. 2013. Helium Ion Microscopy (HIM) for the imaging of biological samples at sub-nanometer resolution. Scientific Reports, 3, 3514.
  • J.M. Kasuboski, Y.J. Sigal, M.S. Joens, B.F. Lillemeier and J.A.J. Fitzpatrick. 2012. Invited Chapter on "Super-Resolution Microscopy: a comparative treatment" Current Protocols in Cytometry. Oct; Chapter 2: Unit 2.17.
  • D.A O'Leary, L. Vargas, O. Sharif, M.E. Garcia, Y.J. Sigal, S.K. Chow, C. Schmedt, J.S. Caldwell, A. Brinker and I.H. Engels. (2010) "HTS-Compatible Patient-Derived Cell-Based Assay to Identify Small Molecule Modulators of Aberrant Splicing in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1". Current Chemical Genomics; 2010, 4, 9-18
  • V.M. Loitto, C. Huang, Y.J. Sigal, K. Jacobson. (2007) "Filopodia are induced by aquaporin-9 expression." Experimental Cell Research 2007; 313, 1295-1306.
  • Y.J. Sigal, O.A. Quintero, R.E. Cheney and A.J. Morris. (2007) "Cdc42 and ARP2/3-independent Regulation of Filopodia by an Integral Membrane Lipid Phosphatase-Related Protein". Journal of Cell Science 2007; 120, 340-52.
  • M.I. McDermott, Y.J. Sigal, J.S. Crump, and A.J. Morris. (2006) "Enzymatic analysis of lipid phosphate phosphatases." Methods 2006; 39, 169-79.
  • Y.J. Sigal, M.I. McDermott, A.J. Morris. (2005) "Integral membrane lipid phosphatases/phosphotransferases: common structure and diverse functions." Biochem Journal 2005; 387, 281-93.
  • A.D. Renault, Y.J. Sigal, A.J. Morris, R. Lehmann. (2004) "Soma-germ line competition for lipid phosphate uptake regulates germ cell migration and survival". Science 2004; 305, 1963-6.
  • M.I. McDermott, Y.J. Sigal, V.A. Sciorra, A.J. Morris. (2004) "Is PRG-1 a new lipid phosphatase?" Nature Neuroscience 2004; 7, 789.
  • S.S. Smyth, V.A. Sciorra, Y.J. Sigal, Z. Pamuklar, Z. Wang, Y. Xu, G.D. Prestwich, A.J. Morris. (2003) "Lipid phosphate phosphatases regulate lysophosphatidic acid production and signaling in platelets: studies using chemical inhibitors of lipid phosphate phosphatase activity." Journal of Biological Chemistry 2003; 278, 43214-23.
  • J.L. Tanyi, A.J. Morris, J.K. Wolf, X. Fang, Y. Hasegawa, R. Lapushin, N. Auersperg, Y.J. Sigal, R.A. Newman, E.A. Felix, E.N. Atkinson, G.B. Mills. (2003) "The human lipid phosphate phosphatase-3 decreases the growth, survival, and tumorigenesis of ovarian cancer cells: validation of the lysophosphatidic acid signaling cascade as a target for therapy in ovarian cancer." Cancer Research 2003; 63, 1073-82.


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